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Hello, I'm Emma.

I'm on a mission to get women living intentionally. 


I work with ambitious, passion-led women to define and to activate their most expansive, personal and professional growth strategies, designed around their values and definitions of success.


When you are in total alignment with what you do and how you do it, you show-up differently in the world. 

Many of us sleep-walk through life, hustling ever harder, until we hit a certain point and start asking "why am I even doing this?"  You're on a performance track, you're committed to earning a certain amount of money, you have a certain way of operating that's exhausting but productive... you feel stuck, burnt-out and you can't see another way.

I had a 20 year+ career in advertising and innovation, in London and across Asia.  I've run businesses for others and started them up for myself. I've fought my own battles with limiting beliefs, perfectionism and an endless need to prove myself and to over-function.


For years I was stuck in a cycle of productivity and 'doing' and now I'm on the other side of that, I can see what it costs you.

rewilding is about shedding everything that no longer serves you: fears, trauma, beliefs, behaviours and reconnecting with who you are

You probably think it's easier to just keep going than to stop and face your fears, but over time it leaves you disconnected and a bit numb.  

Decision-making becomes fear-led and restricted.  You ceiling your potential and play safe and small. 


It's rarely the place of big, full colour change.


When you commit to doing 'the work' you get to create powerful shifts in in your emotional landscape, in your mindset and in your energy. 


  • Clearing limitations (outdated beliefs, trauma)

  • Firing up self-awareness and confidence

  • Reconnecting with your inner power

  • Subconscious expansion, aspiration

  • Building resilience and resourcefulness

  • Learning to regulate your nervous system

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a signature approach that blends success & business coaching x strategy x healing x ideas... to create powerful shifts

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The deep, clearing work is the engine behind the big shifts that show up in the real world.  Our work is two-fold.


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clearing limitations

removing the layers of expectation and 'shoulds', the effects of trauma and everything you've attached meaning to that no longer serves you today

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firing up possibility

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sparking the "what if?" thinking. exploring flow and abundance, breaking down challenges and generating ideas, things to play with, multiple possibilities

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the biggest game-changer is the realisation that 'struggle' and 'hustle' are the things that limit growth, rather than support it... it gets to be easier and more joyful


I've spent 2 months working with Emma and it's been one of the most liberating experiences.


I joined Project Rewild because I wanted to level-up in my career and I needed a new perspective on how to accelerate things. I'd struggled with some mindset blocks and negative behaviours, although I wasn't that aware of them before starting this work and I certainly didn't realise how they were impacting my progress and my happiness...


The inner work, especially the EFT, has just removed them. It's made me feel bountiful and limitless. I have headspace to think more strategically about goals and priorities. I'm a better leader and member of the team. It's given me a new energy and attitude towards my career and my future...


If your career has been shaped by years and years of things you thought you 'should' be doing, Emma is the person to help you crack right through, to get to the heart of who you are.


private mentorship

  • 4 months, one-to-one

  • 90min sessions, x2/mth

  • deep partnership and a    suite of intensive support

  • for serious change-makers


strategy intensive

  • 4 hr, single session

  • private one-to-one

  • for clarity, direction and a kick-start for change

  • Pre-work + follow-up session

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